Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the idea of evolution it is the way animals have formed from natural selection a mutation of an animal is the way that he predicted that creatures have mutant off springs that benefit there lifestyles such as a parrot on one island has a shorter beak than the other […]

Marcquel Gomes: Portugal is going to win the euros. Lonrenzo: no Germany is! They have clearly got the better players and we can easily beat France. Jamie: No you can’t we are gonna beat you, have you seen how we have been playing recently! We beat Iceland 5-2. Lonrenzo: Iceland (laugh) 10% of their population […]

the excitement built up as I had approached the airport eager to see my grandmother and to have fun in this fantastic trip around Italy first my grandmother had suggested that we should go and see Punta Rossa hotel as amazing hotel near the Amalfie coast. Me and my dad went with out my grandma […]

You’d never seen that face before but it felt as you had seen it a thousand times you walk up to her confusion in your eves and despair. It felt as you had met a thousand times and this had to be the first. You build the courage to talk to her you say hi […]

Wake up Eat breakfast brush my teeth Have a shower Get ready when I woke up in the morning the curtains were drawn and my light is on I can see the bright light shining in my face dreading to get up. As I rush to the living room I can smell the scent of […]

the capul;et is preparing a meal for Juliet as a celebratory present for her newly wedded husband but she despises the idea that she will be married to someone else than hwer love romeo but capulet has no idea that the two of them are in love

Haig seemed like a ruthless commander many of the sources suggest that he was ruthless because of his state of mind which clearly stated that he only cared about winning the war than all of his soldiers. After countless attacks during the battle of the Somme, he had not successfully had a raid throughout the […]